Entrace Door, Automatic Sliding Door, Information Sticker, Free 24 Hours Wifi, 24 Hours CCTV Coverage, 24 Hours Front Desk Customer Service, No Durian and Pets Allowed.
Room Facilities
  • 24-hour boutique hotel concierge services

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access in the hotel lobby & rooms

  • Dental kit and toiletries

  • Coffee and tea making facilities

  • Key card access

  • Flat-screen LED TV

  • Hairdryer

  • Private bathroom

  • Pantry area

White Interior Designed Bathroom with Shower Mixer, Toilet Bowl, Basin and Mirror
Private Bathroom
Entrance of Premier Room for 2 with Window View
Grey Room Keycard on Table Top
Key Card Access
White Hairdryer on Wall
Shampoo and Bath Toiletries
Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer
Shower & Toiletries
Night Entrance Scenary with Backlit LED Signboard
Air Conditioned Common Area with TV, Barchair and Bartable.
Pantry Area